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Friday, 23 October 2009

#G197* - The BBC ALMOST Totally Betrays US - IT'S OWNERS!

#G197* - The BBC ALMOST Totally Betrays US - IT'S OWNERS!


I have no doubt who were the winners and losers in the Broadcasting of The BBC's TV flagship political programme 'Question Time' and the involvement of Nick Griffin of The BNP.

Here are the winners and losers in order starting with the greatest losers:

01. 'e pluribus unum'
02. Pieter Hayne
03. Dimbleby
04. Jack Straw
05. The BBC
06. The claque
07. Chris Huhne
08. Said Warsi
09. Bonnie Greer
10. The BNP

01. 'e pluribus unum':
Clearly we are the losers - we now have as an example of attrocious TV on a parr with The Gilbert Harding interview.Just think, the BBC taxes us for their 'service'!

02. Pieter Haiyne:
Peter Hain's strident fascist self promoting determination to rehabilitate himself at the expense of The BBC showed him for what he is - a vile man without integrity, morality or common sense - so very Terre Blanche!

03. Dimbleby:
Even down to the gutter level of taunting Griffin for his nervous laughter. An obscene and crass performance on ALL levels very typical Dimbleby but more noticeable than normal - I doubt anyone was surprised!

04. Jack Straw:
Came across as a doddering eldely inadequate caught shop lifting - this is the man who abused his roll as Home Secretary to protect his brother from prosecution for the sexual abuse of his own son and assault of his daughter! This is also not just one of the communist members of Tony Blair's cabinet that approved the lies but also lied to Colin Powell & The UN to participate in the war crimes and murders in Iraq!
If The BBC gives air time to this revolting man, who has so betrayed Britain and abused his office, then clearly the largely irrelevant BNP could be justified each week!

05. The BBC:
The BBC spent days trying to talk up the controversy to create a fairly half baked demonstration; yet they still selected an audience clearly designed to act like a pack of playground bullies - a disgustingly orchestrated and utterly demeaning exhibition.

06. The claque:
Soooo predictable - you can ALWAYS line up a pack to behave badly - just look at football hooligans! How sad. These are the very basest instincts that are pandered to by any lynch mob EVEN The KKK!

07. Chris Huhne:
My word - to think he was so nearly leader of the LibDims. A sound but uninspiring collation of platitudes.

08. Sayid Warsi:
A good choice by the Tories - a good performance but clearly unaware that her look when not speaking matters.
Her political eviceration of Jack Straw was excellent I was sorry to see her run away from trying to defend Islam from Griffin's undeniable facts.
She WAS good relative to ALL others.
She WILL be excellent in time!

09. Bonnie Greer:
Bonnie Greer was a safe pair of hands - didn't put a foot wrong added humour and was without doubt THE most damaging to Griffin in the way that whilst all others were a baying mob she held out a hand of reason to Griffin and destroyed him with her academic and forensic discourse and patronising educational manner, used to such effect, to the naughty boy in the playground.
A masterfull use of her colour maturely used without the all too normal chip on the shoulder coloured racism.

10. The BNP:
The BNP were the winners as they will get the sympathy vote as a result of this shameful display, which showed Griffin to be shifty, intellectually challenged, untrustworthy & it is good to be reassured that his chum in The KKK may well have incited and attended the lynching but he didn't tie the knot!

I deeply regret that the crass management & shamefull handling by the BBC the utter inadequacy of Jack Straw, though I commend his attempt, the strident Hain granted the vile and shifty Griffin such a victory for The BNP.

8M viewers:
300,000 extra votes for The BNP
175,000 from Labour
50,000 from Lib.Dims.
50,000 from EUkip
25,000 from Tories.

Greg L-W.

"In politics, stupidity is not a handicap."
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

Greg L-W.

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The EU, due to the political idiocy and corruption of its undemocratic leaders, is now a net importer of food, no longer able to feed itself and with a decreasing range of over priced goods of little use to the rest of the world to sell with which to counter the net financial drain of endless imports.

British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit
of their own agenda and greed, have done more
damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy
of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

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* The picture of Griffin is with White Supremacist MSU's leader Kyle Bristow in America, where white-nationalists at Stormfront and other racist and neo-Nazi groups look to Griffin as one of their senior brothers.

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