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Sunday, 29 March 2009

#G082* - 6mph & The Judge In The Slammer

#G082* - 6mph & The Judge In The Slammer

Australian ex-judge jailed for speeding fine lies

Former Australian federal court judge Marcus Einfeld is seen here during a protest against government!

SYDNEY (AFP) – A high-profile former Australian judge who claimed his dead friend was driving his car when it was photographed speeding has been jailed for three years.

Marcus Einfeld, 69, who lied to avoid a 75-dollar (72 US dollar) fine for travelling 10 kilometres per hour (6.25 miles per hour) over the speed limit, was convicted of perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The founder of Australia's Human Rights Commission, recognised by the United Nations for his activist work, Einfeld had suffered "a very public destruction," judge Bruce James said.

He was stripped of his Queens Counsel title for bringing shame upon the legal profession and his crimes struck "at the heart of the administration of justice", James told the Supreme Court here.

"Any lawyer, and especially a lawyer who has been a barrister and judge who commits such an act ... would have been fully aware of the gravity of his conduct."

A Federal Court judge for 15 years, and barrister in England and Australia for more than 20, Einfeld swore on oath that he had not been behind the wheel of his car when it was snapped by a speed-camera in Sydney in 2006.

James said that in an act of "deliberate and premeditated perjury", Einfeld blamed US academic Teresa Brennan for the fine, saying he had lent her the car.

When a newspaper journalist discovered through an Internet search that Brennan had died three years earlier, Einfeld then claimed it was a different woman with the same name, and said he had an alibi.

It was "calculating criminality", said James, which was all for the sake of avoiding demerit points which could eventually lead to him losing his driver's licence, and avoiding the fine.

"Oh, the bags are packed," was all Einfeld had to say to weeping family members as he was taken away by prison officials. He will be eligible for release in 2011.

To view the original article CLICK HERE

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