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Thursday, 31 March 2011



UK contribution to EU reaches £9bn a year

By Sean O'Grady, Economics Editor
Wednesday, 30 March 2011
The UK's payments to the European Union almost doubled in 2010, according to the latest data issued yesterday by the Office for National Statistics – soaring to £230 for every household in the country.
The ONS said yesterday that the net transfer of funds from Britain to EU institutions rose from £5.3bn in 2009 to £9.2bn in 2010, a jump of almost £4bn, or 74 per cent – enough to avoid the recent rise in national insurance or the new 50p rate of tax. The UK's contributions to the EU are at their highest level ever, and one of the very few areas of public spending set to increase in coming years despite the cutbacks being made across Britain.
The largest single contribution to the rise was the reduction in the UK's "rebate" from the EU, originally negotiated by Margaret Thatcher in 1984, when she famously asked for "our money back".
The deal reflected the relative efficiency of British agriculture, which saw relatively little benefit from the EU's Common Agricultural Policy and had resulted in extremely large net transfers to the EU under the 1972 Treaty of Rome. With the accession in 2004 of new, and poorer EU members from eastern Europe – such as Poland, Romania and Bulgaria – the pressure on EU resources to boost economic development and subsidise farming there led to renewed calls on Britain to give up what is officially termed the "abatement".
This was partially agreed by the Blair government, and is now leading to rapid worsening in the UK's financial relationship with the EU.
Thus, the rebate was slashed in 2010 by £2.3bn to just £3bn, and Britain also lost £300m in agricultural subsidies, and paid a further extra £900m to Brussels under complex rules related to the national income and the VAT take. A 2.9 per cent rise in the EU budget has been agreed for 2011.
The ONS also revealed that the UK's trade deficit with the EU ballooned from £14.3bn to £46.6bn last year.
The UK Exchequer is further exposed to rescuing distressed members of the eurozone via a small European Commission fund and Britain's contributions to the IMF, which is also helping fund eurozone bailouts. In all, this could amount to around £10bn in rescue loans.
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"In politics, stupidity is not a handicap." 
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), 

Greg L-W.

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British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit of their own agenda and greed, have done more damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain more than the armies of Hitler and the Franco - German - Italian axis of 1939 - 1945.

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Megrahi during appeal proceedingsImage via Wikipedia


By Susan Lindauer, former U.S. Asset who covered Libya at the United Nations from 1995 to 2003

Who are we kidding? The United States, Britain and NATO don't care about bombing civilians to contain rebellion. Their militaries bomb civilians every day without mercy. They have destroyed most of the community infrastructure of Iraq and Afghanistan before turning their sights on Libya. So what's really going on here?

According to the CIA, the following never happened… < Last October, US oil giants— Chevron annd Occidental Petroleum— made a surprising decision to pull out of LLibya, while China, Germany and Italy stayed on, signing major contracts with Gadhaffi's government. As the U.S. Asset who started negotiations for the Lockerbie Trial with Libyan diplomats, I had close ties to Libya's U.N. Mission from 1995 to 2003.

Given my long involvement in the Lockerbie saga, I have continued to enjoy special access to high level intelligence gossip on Libya. Last summer that gossip got juicy! About July, I started hearing that Gadhaffi was exerting heavy pressure on U.S. and British oil companies to cough up special fees and kick backs to cover the costs of Libya's reimbursement to the families of Pan Am 103. Payment of damages for the Lockerbie bombing had been one of the chief conditions for ending U.N. sanctions on Libya that ran from 1992 until 2003. And of course the United Nations forced Gadhaffi to hand over two Libyan men for a special trial at The Hague, though everybody credible was fully conscious of Libya's innocence in the Lockerbie affair. (Only ignorant politicians trying to score publicity points say otherwise.) Knowing Gadhaffi as well as I do, I was convinced that he'd done it. He'd bided his time until he could extort compensation from U.S. oil companies.

He's a crafty bastard, extremely intelligent and canny. That's exactly how he operates. And now he was taking his revenge. As expected, the U.S. was hopping mad about it. Gadhaffi wasn't playing the game the way the Oil Bloodsuckers wanted. The Vampire of our age—the Oil Induustry—roams the earth, sucking the life out of every nation to feed its thirst for profits. Only when they got to Libya, Gadhaffi took on the role of a modern-day Robin Hood, who insisted on replenishing his people for the costs they'd suffered under U.N.

sanctions. Backing up a year earlier, in August 2009 the lone Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing that killed 270 people, Abdelbasset Megrahi, won a compassionate release from Scottish prison. Ostensibly, the British government and Scottish Courts granted Megrahi's request to die at home with dignity from advance stage cancer—in exchange for dropping a legal appeal packed with embarrassments for the European Courts.

The decision to free Megrahi followed shocking revelations of corruption at the special Court of The Hague that handled the Lockerbie Trial. Prosecution witnesses confessed to receiving payments of $4 million each from the United States, in exchange for testimony against Megrahi, a mind-blowing allegation of judicial corruption. The Lockerbie conviction was full of holes to begin with. Anybody who knows anything about terrorism in the 1980s knows the CIA got mixed up in heroin trafficking out of the Bekaa Valley during the hostage crisis in Lebanon. The Lockerbie conspiracy had been a false flag operation to kill off a joint CIA and Defense Intelligence investigation into kick backs from Islamic Jihad, in exchange for protecting the heroin transit network. According to my own CIA handler, Dr. Richard Fuisz, who'd been stationed in Lebanon and Syria at the time, the CIA had established a protected drug route from Lebanon to Europe and on to the United States. His statements support other sources that "Operation Corea" allowed Syrian drug dealers led by Monzer al-Kassar (also linked to Oliver North in the Iran-Contra scandal) to ship heroin to the U.S. ON Pan Am flights, in exchange for intelligence on the hostages' whereabouts in Lebanon. The CIA allegedly made sure that suitcases carrying heroin were not searched at customs. Nicknamed the "Godfather of Terror," Al Kassar is now serving a prison sentence for conspiring with Colombian drug cartels to assassinate U.S. nationals.

Building up to Lockerbie, the Defense Intelligence team in Beirut, led by Maj. Charles Dennis McKee and Matthew Gannon, suspected that CIA infiltration of the heroin network might be prolonging the hostage crisis. If so, the consequence was severe. AP Reporter Terry Anderson got chained in a basement for 7 years, while 96 other high profile western hostages suffered beatings, mock executions and overall trauma. McKee's team raised the alarms in Washington that a CIA double agent profiting from the narco-dollars might be warning the hostage takers whenever their dragnet closed in.

Washington sent a fact-finding team to Lebanon to gather evidence. On the day it was blown out of the sky, Pan Am 103 was carrying that team of CIA and FBI investigators, the CIA's Deputy Chief assigned to Beirut, and three Defense Intelligence officers, including McKee and Gannon, on their way to Washington to deliver a report on the CIA's role in heroin trafficking, and the impact on terrorist financing and the hostage crisis.

In short, everyone with direct knowledge of CIA kickbacks from heroin trafficking died on Pan Am 103. A suitcase packed with $500,000 worth of heroin was found in the wreckage. It belonged to investigators, as proof of the corruption.

The punch line was that the U.S. State Department issued an internal travel advisory, warning that government officials should get off that specific flight on that specific day, because Pan Am 103 was expected to get bombed. That's right, folks! The U.S. had prior knowledge of the attack. Unforgivably, nobody told Charles McKee or Matthew Gannon. But other military officials and diplomats got pulled off the flight—maaking room for a group of students from Syracuse University traveling stand by for the Christmas holidays. It was a monstrous act! But condemning Megrahi to cover up the CIA's role in heroin trafficking has struck many Lockerbie afficiandos as grossly unjust. Add the corruption of purchased testimony-- $4 million a pop— and Megrahi''s life sentence struck a nerve of obscenity.

It struck Gadhaffi as grievously offensive, as well—The United Nations hadd forced Libya to fork over $2.7 billion in damages to the Lockerbie families, a rate of $10 million for every death. Once it became clear the U.S. paid two key witnesses $4 million each to commit perjury, spook gossip throughout the summer was rife that Gadhaffi had taken bold action to demand compensation from U.S. (and probably British) oil corporations operating in Libya. More than likely, Libya's demands for kick backs and compensation extended to other European oil conglomerates as well—particularly France and Italy—who are now spearheading attacks on Libya. < I knew last summer there would be trouble. Payback would be a b—tch on both sides.

You don't lock an innocent man in prison for 10 years on bogus charges of terrorism, and expect forgiveness. The United States and Britain had behaved with remarkable selfishness.

You've got to admit that Gadhaffi's attempt to balance the scales of justice demonstrated a flair of righteous nationalism. Alas, Gadhaffi was playing with fire, no matter how justified his complaint. You don't strike a tyrant without expecting a tyrant to strike back. And that's exactly what's happening today. Don't kid yourself. This is an oil war, and it smacks of imperialist double standards.

Two articles by Prof. Chossudovsky at the Global Research Centre are must reading: "Operation Libya and the Battle for Oil: Redrawing the Map of Africa" and "Insurrection and Military Intervention: The US-NATO Attempted Coup d'Etat in Libya?" There is simply no justification for U.S. or NATO action against Libya.

The U.N. charter acknowledges the rights of sovereign nations to put down rebellions against their own governments. Moreover, many observers have commented that plans for military intervention appear to have been much more advanced than U.S. and European leaders want to admit. For myself, I know in my gut that war planning started months before the democratization movement kicked off throughout the Arab world—a lucky cover for U.S. and European oil policcy. Perhaps too lucky. As Chossudovsky writes, "Hundreds of US, British and French military advisers arrived in Cyrenaica, Libya's eastern breakaway province" on February 23 and 24— seven (7) dayys after the start of Gadhaffi's domestic rebellion.

"The advisers, including intelligence officers, were dropped from warships and missile boats at the coastal towns of Benghazi and Tobruk." (DEBKAfile, US military advisers in Cyrenaica, Feb. 25, 2011) Special forces on the ground in Eastern Libya provided covert support to the rebels." Eight British Special Forces commandos were arrested in the Benghazi region, while acting as military advisers to opposition forces, according to the Times of London.

We're supposed to believe the United States, Britain and Europe planned, coordinated and executed a full military intervention in 7 short days— from the start of the Libyan rebellion in mid-FFebruary until military advisers appeared on the ground in Libya on February 23-24! That's strategically impossible. Nothing can persuade me that Gadhaffi's fate wasn't decided months ago, when Chevron and Occidental Petroleum took their whining to Capitol Hill, complaining that Gadhaffi's nationalism interfered with their oil profiteering.

From that moment, military intervention was on the drawing board as surely as the Patriot Act got stuck in a drawer waiting for 9/11. The message is simple: Challenge the oil corporations and your government and your people will pay the ultimate price: Give us your oil as cheaply as possible. Or die. Don't kid yourself. Nobody gives a damn about suffering in Libya or Iraq.

You don't bomb a village to save it. The U.S., Britain and NATO are the bullies of the neighborhood. The enforcers for Big Oil. Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan have something in common. They have vast and extraordinary oil and mineral riches. As such, they are all victims of what I call the Vampire Wars. The Arab Princes get paid off, while the bloodsuckers pull the life blood out of the people.

They're scarcely able to survive in their own wealthy societies. The people and the domestic economy are kept alive to uphold the social order, but they are depleted of the nourishment of their own national wealth. The democratization movements are sending a warning that I don't think Big Oil, or their protectors in the U.S. and British governments understand or have figured out how to control.

The Arab people are finished with this cycle of victimization. They've got their stakes out, and they're starting to figure out how to strike into the heart of these Vampires, sucking the life blood out of their nations. And woe to the wicked when they do!
### END####

This article may be reprinted in full or part with attribution to the author.
Former U.S. Intelligence Asset, Susan Lindauer covered Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria/Hezbollah from 1993 to 2003.
She is the author of "Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq." 

This Blogs' owner lagely agrees with the facts in this article and with the views expressed, being morally certain on the factual evidence presented elsewhere by myself that the Trial of the two scapegoats provided as part of the 'Deal' by Libya to try to reinstate Libya in the world community in return for absolving American black ops. intel. from placing the bomb to destroy the evidence being returned to America on the guns for drugs trade in Afghanistan being run by senior figures in American Governance and their cronies, based on the factual evidence gathered in The Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere by the Special Investigation team of US Military returning after almost a year with the evidence in a fireproof deed box with said military staff.

You may find these LINKS of some interest:
Obama Raises American Hypocrisy To A Higher Level
By Paul Craig Roberts
There is no doubt whatsoever that the current US president and the predecessor Bush/Cheney regime have murdered many times more people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia than Gadhafi has murdered in Libya.

Libyan Rebel Leader Spent Much of Past 20 Years in Langley Virginia

By Chris Adams

Since coming to the United States in the early 1990s, Hifter lived in suburban Virginia outside Washington, D.C. Badr said he was unsure exactly what Hifter did to support himself, and that Hifter primarily focused on helping his large family.

American Media Silent on CIA Ties to Libya Rebel Commander

By Patrick Martin

The selection of a longtime CIA collaborator as commander of the rebels makes nonsense of the official claim that the United States is intervening militarily in Libya to protect civilian lives.

The Euro-US War on Libya: Official Lies and Misconceptions of Critics

Must Read - By James Petras and Robin Eastman-Abaya

If not to prevent genocide, grab the oil or promote democracy (via Patriot missiles), what, then, is the driving force behind the Euro-US imperial intervention?

"In politics, stupidity is not a handicap." Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

Greg L-W.
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British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit of their own agenda and greed, have done more damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain more than the armies of Hitler and the Franco - German - Italian axis of 1939 - 1945.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011



Turnout Transpired To Be Less Than 1/3rd. - Everone KNOWS Wales as a Region is a Farce merely prostituting itself for the biggest grants as a totally non viable economic entity dependent on Grants and riven with petty tribal jealouslies amongst the faile people who go into politics for lack of ability to earn at the same rate based on ability!

Welsh referendum hit by apathy – and an inflatable pig

Voters not greatly engaged by lacklustre campaign

By Matt Chorley, Political Correspondent

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Even an 8ft inflatable pink pig paraded through the streets of Welsh towns and villages has failed to generate much interest in Thursday's referendum on the future of the Assembly.

The vote is not about giving Cardiff Bay more money. It is not even about giving it more powers. It is about speeding up how existing powers are administered. Basically, Cardiff's decisions would be implemented directly without ratification from Westminster.

So far the campaign has been notable for a lack of official Yes and No camps, for accusations of homophobia on Twitter – and for apathy. And the inflatable pig. It is a DIY porcine metaphor around which opponents of the move to speed up Cardiff's law-making have gathered. Pigs might fly. Snouts in the trough. Er... Animal Farm? Take your pick.

The pig, belonging to the True Wales No campaign, was parading through the streets of Fleur de Lis village near Caerphilly on Thursday. Gripping its lead was the campaign's agricultural spokesman, Nigel Bull. "I'm an ordinary chap who feels passionately about this," he says. "Most people are like myself – just extremely disappointed with the Assembly since its inception 12 years ago."

Opponents of making life easier for the Assembly point to its record. Two in five Welsh children reach secondary school more than a year behind in their reading. Former mining communities have not seen the promised economic rejuvenation. Fears over law and order are high.

The cross-party Yes campaign, fronted by Roger Lewis, group chief executive of the Welsh Rugby Union, suggests the delays in wielding power are what has held Wales back. The Assembly has authority to pass laws in 20 areas, including health, education and the environment. But, unlike Scotland or Northern Ireland, to legislate on the detail it must effectively get permission from London. Wales was the first government to vote for a smoking ban, but was beaten by Scotland in implementing it.

"We can't afford to have a government in the slow lane in Wales in a fast-changing world," says Carwyn Jones, the Labour First Minister. He is confident they are winning the argument, and the doorstep pitch is well rehearsed. "If people want the Assembly to be doing more rather than talking about doing more, vote Yes."

Turnout is crucial. Some polls suggest it could struggle to reach 40 per cent, although the Yes campaign looks to be ahead.

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eggiebumfluff [Moderator] 1 week ago
It seems that the 'Yes' to direct law making camp are on track for a win. Lets hope this is one more step in the right direction for Wales, towards greater self-determination.

Congratulations from Scotland!

Greg_LW [Moderator] 1 week ago
To understand what an Assembly for Wales, or any other of the 12 silly little Regional Assemblies, will really mean requires reading the relevant Articles
[263 – 265] of:

The Consolidated Treaty Establishing

The European Community,

Title II, The Treaty Establishing The European Community, Part Five, Title I, Provisions Governing The Institutions, Chapter 4, The Committee Of The Regions:

ARTICLE 263 (ex Article 198 a)

A Committee consisting of representatives of regional and local bodies, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Committee of the Regions’, is hereby established with advisory status.

The number of members of the Committee of the Regions shall be as follows:

Belgium 12; Denmark 9; Germany 24; Greece 12; Spain 21; France 24; Ireland 9; Italy 24; Luxembourg 6; Netherlands 12; Austria 12; Portugal 12; Finland 9; Sweden 12; United Kingdom 24.

The members of the Committee and an equal number of alternate members shall be appointed for four years by the Council acting unanimously on proposals from the respective Member States. Their term of office shall be renewable. No member of the Committee shall at the same time be a Member of the European Parliament.

The members of the Committee may not be bound by any mandatory instructions. They shall be completely independent in the performance of their duties, in the general interest of the Community.

ARTICLE 264 (ex Article 198 b)

The Committee of the Regions shall elect its chairman and officers from among its members for a term of two years.

It shall adopt its Rules of Procedure.

The Committee shall be convened by its chairman at the request of the Council or of the Commission. It may also meet on its own initiative,

ARTICLE 265 (ex Article 198 c)

The Committee of the Regions shall be consulted by the Council or by the Commission where this Treaty so provides and in all other cases, in particular those which concern cross-border co-operation, in which one of these two institutions considers it appropriate.

The Council or the Commission shall, if it considers it necessary, set the Committee, for the submission of its opinion, a time-limit which may not be less than one month from the date on which the chairman receives notification to this effect. Upon expiry of the time-limit, absence of an opinion shall not prevent further action.

Where the Economic and Social Committee is consulted pursuant to Article 262, the Committee of the Regions shall be informed by the Council or the Commission of the request for an opinion. Where it considers that specific regional interests are involved, the Committee of the Regions may issue an opinion on the matter.

The Committee of the Regions may be consulted by the European Parliament.

It may issue an opinion on its own initiative in cases in which it considers such action appropriate.

The opinion of the Committee, together with a record of the proceedings, shall be forwarded to the Council and to the Commission.

In short that pretentious load of Eurospeak boils down to Wales will have no authority, no say, no representation & there will be 444 extra representatives to pay for in Europe. Plus, of course, all their staff and all their expenses - but no more democracy and no more control over the un elected dictator committee – the European Commissioners.

Let us look at what it means point by point:

The United Kingdom will have 24 members with 24 alternates on a Committee with 222 members and 444 members and alternates in total.
The Member State [in our case the United Kingdom] shall propose members, thus Wales has no representation enshrined in European law. These proposals must be unanimously approved by the Council (of Europe). Thus every United Kingdom member could be proposed from one region.
If the Council approves the proposal, the Council can renew their term of office.
Nowhere herein does it say that members represent a region [viz. Wales], in fact it expressly states that they shall not have a mandate or be bound by instruction.
Members are not elected, they are proposed by Westminster and appointed by the Council & their loyalty must be to Europe ‘..performance of their duties, in the general interest of the Community’.
‘It shall adopt its own Rules of Procedure.’ = It shall become a law unto itself?
The entirety of Article 265 says nothing other than the Committee shall have freedom of speech. The implication being that citizens of the new State of Europe do not have freedom of speech.
There is no undertaking that the Committee has to be consulted, nor that anything it says has to be listened to. Therefore since it has no authority, no area of jurisdiction and no responsibility it has no reason to exist. Just another costly waffle shop!

Let us assume that what was the United Kingdom decides to give two memberships on this new Committee and two alternates to each of the twelve economic regions, in the British economic subsidiary region of Europe. Wales would then have two votes, in isolation, out of 222 votes on the Committee of the Regions, less than 1% influence. To add insult to injury MEPs representing Wales are outnumbered 100 to 1 in the European Parliament, less than 1% influence again. This is what being master of ones own destiny and having an Assembly for Wales means for the people of Wales and every other, of the 12, economic regions in Britain.

There are some, I am sure, who honestly believe that an Assembly for Wales is a good idea for Wales. Some will welcome the removal of benevolent control, albeit sometimes misguided, from Westminster – surely they can not welcome direct rule by the un elected dictator committee that rules Europe, the European Commissioners. Some may feel that two more tiers of Government will help Wales, I can not for the life of me see how – the more tiers of Government the further from the electorate decision

If you require further assistance or information, for the defence of Britain, please do not hesitate to contact us:



Greg_LW [Moderator] 1 week ago
Did you know that there was a referendum today on whether the Welsh Assembly should be given law-making powers?

The fact of the referendum, the reasons for it and the consequences, have been the object of almost total silence within the province, many people with the misfortune to live in Wales being unaware of the referendum. Is it believed that the silence is deliberate. This is a measure that even on a good day would be unpopular. The less people know of it, therefore, the more chance its self-interested supporters have of getting it through.

As for the rest of the UK, although this is called devolution, it is yet another step in the dissolution of the Union – the United Kingdom, that is. That, of course, means another step towards the creation of the Europe of the Regions, part of that greater European Union.

The process of regionalisation started as a parallel model for the political integration of Europe, and has since been absorbed into the mainstream. Creation of strong(er) regional entities, with direct ties to the supranational centre (Brussels) weakens the power and authority of the national government.

The bizarre thing is that it does nothing to enhance democracy or local accountability. It simply adds – and in this case strengthens - yet another, more intrusive layer of government and confuses lines of responsibility and authority ... which is, of course, part of the game.

Anyone really interested in democracy would be pushing enhanced powers to local authorities – including genuine tax-raising powers and, indeed, law-making powers. Local authorities used to have such powers, exercised by way of by-laws, and local Acts. Many of the issues which are currently regulated by national British regulations and now EU law started off their lives as by-laws.

No longer can such a degree of local autonomy be permitted by our masters. In the Orwellian world of the Perfect Union, devolution means more centralisation. More "democracy" means less democracy. That is what was always intended to be, even if there are some people stupid enough to believe otherwise.

That is why those who are aware of the referendum and who understand what it is really about will be voting "no" today.

Greg_LW [Moderator] 1 week ago

The Constitution of these United Kingdoms is likely to be changed later today and I appreciate it was Stalin who said:
'It does not matter how they vote but how we count the votes',
A lesson well learned by the crooks in The Nooo Labour Party who rigged, wriggled and fixed the corrupted and unlawful vote that brought this fatuous additional level of useless wind bags into existence to rubber stamp EU Diktat via the two unelected representatives Wales is allowed on the Council For The Regions a 100% EU construct concept!

With a mandate of less than 50% of the electorate and minded of the unarguable corruption of the EU influenced YES vote perhaps someone would be so good as to explain imn what way the outcome, be it NO or YES might be considered a morally acceptable mandate.

I appreciate we are all too willing to shoot people in Foreign Countries who do not adopt the democracy we demand but this squalid level of behaviour is on a par with Robert Mugabe, Jo Stalin, Iraq, The Taliban and Red China!

Whatever the outcome YES or NO with an uninformed electorate lied to by The YES campaign using public money and public time there is no valid mandate for change in either direction NO or YES.

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jerome hamill [Moderator] 2 weeks ago
As an Irish man I would encourage the welsh to vote yes funny enough. So far all I've seen and heard about this is a negative view about the welsh. If i were to believe what i see in the British press, i would come to the conclusion that the welsh are a backward, small minded people and the best place for them is at the boot of the English as it is only those in Westminster that know what is best. Lucky enough i know a few welsh people and have a great respect for them, so I'll say this. "vote yes and don't be afraid to determine your own future, you'll do just fine". In Ireland we may not get it right all the time, but there our own mistakes and at least we can do something about it.
Westminster's a bad joke, bend politicians, ineffective laws and policies and at the end of the day, there's nothing the public can really do as the system doesn't work for them.

Best of luck jerome
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Greg_LW [Moderator] 1 week ago in reply to jerome hamill

wonderfull - Can you think of a better reason to vote NO?

Just look what a mess bankrupt Ireland is in as a result of Irish thinking and being destroyed by their half baked political clowns being so easily bribed by The EU which now makes almost all their decisions for them.

IF the Irish make a decision The EU doesn't like because it is in the interst of Ireland and Irish people they are just forced to vote again until The EU dictator committee gets the result it demands.

What better reason to ignore advice than it came from Ireland!

I too know a number of Irish people I respect - they left Ireland years ago when it became the vassal of The EU.


Aled Morris [Moderator] 1 week ago in reply to Greg_LW
"Just look what a mess bankrupt Ireland is in as a result of Irish thinking"

It's for comments like this that everyone on here is ignoring you. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.
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Greg_LW [Moderator] 1 week ago in reply to Aled Morris
Sadly the facts I have provided are accurate though Aled!

By all means since you have no facts to correct me TRY to denigrate me - so very typical, attack the messenger when you can not prove the message wrong!

Which facts were you unable to understand?


Greg_LW [Moderator] 2 weeks ago

It is now the 1st. March 2011

Yesterday I stopped 20 people in the street IN WALES and asked them how they would vote in the referendum - 16 knew nothing about the vote and of the other 4 only one knew when the vote was.


I have received ZERO leaflets, seen no commentaries, received no information and only found out the vote was this week by accident I LIVE IN WALES!

This is a measure of the competence and representation on this farce of a local regional council set up by the EU.

It was NEVER voted for on a fair basis and it has proved as useless and venal as the Scottish, South West Regional Ass & the rest of the foolish self serving Kleptocratic QUANGOcracy.

The entire concept is a farce and makes a fool of Wales and Monmouthshire.

It is of no relevance and can NOT vote itself any meaningful authority as it is answerable to The Council For The Regions where it has TWO unelected representatives and no say!

Do read the legislation - see welshassembly dot org dot uk and read all 4 pages!

Greg L-W.
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girlabouttown [Moderator] 2 weeks ago in reply to Greg_LW
"This is a measure of the competence and representation on this farce of a local regional council set up by the EU."

You remind me of Everton supporters. Blaming their own failings on Heysel. Everything is the EU's fault eh?! Ha! Take away European funding from Wales and see where we are. Considerably worse off - that's where.

Newsflash. The EU aren't the reason there is apathy amongst the Welsh population about decision making powers in the Assembly. The EU aren't the reason that the Assembly have failed to drum up any sort of public interest in the issue. It's because it's essentially a non issue. Vote yes? Decisions get made marginally quicker (though my experience of the WAG tells me snails pace will still be the maximum speed limit). Vote no? Decisions get made at the same speed they do now.

I will vote no on Thursday. I will vote no because it gives me a degree of reassurance that another party can check over the Assembly's decisions. If it's the right decision for Wales, it will get made anyway. What is the likelihood of the Welsh Secretary vetoing a decision before even putting it to parliament? Really?

Vote No. I'm happy with the level of devolution we have now. I certainly wouldn't want to take any steps to increase power at the Assembly.

And that comes from a Welsh speaker, on Anglesey, where being a nationalist is pretty much a given.
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Siôn Jones [Moderator] 1 week ago in reply to girlabouttown
You have been misinformed - there is no external scrutiny of Welsh Laws at the moment, nor will there be if there is a NO vote.

Aled Morris [Moderator] 1 week ago in reply to girlabouttown
But why should this extra level of bureaucracy only apply to Wales, and not Sctoland, Northern Ireland or even the Isle of Man for that matter!? It has very little to do with nationalism and everything to do with saving time and (as a recent commission approximated) saving £2m a year in allowing Welsh politicians to make Welsh laws for Welsh people. It is a system which is entirely unique throughout the politicial world. And to clarify, it's not to increase power in the Assembly, it's taking the final layer out of the system. For all the failings of some AMs I trust they at least know what they can and cannot make laws on, which is what this 'layer' is all about.

Greg_LW [Moderator] 1 week ago in reply to Aled Morris

clearly correct it is not to increase power for the National Ass as if you bothered reading the legislation by which the National Ass exists you would realise it has no power!

Then when you have caught up with that fact and realise it is just a rubber stamping shop for the EU with delusions of grandure you might care to consider the stonishing irrelevance of your posting.

Your big plus point would seem to be that it will save £2Million - enough to pay for almost nothing of consequence in fact it is not even enough to fund the idiotic referendum later today.


Greg_LW [Moderator] 2 weeks ago
by: Miss J.E. Clarke of Eynsham

Plans for seperation grew worse
than those before,
Then they asked for two Parliaments,
now 'tis three or four.
Only just imagine if Home Rulers
had their way,
And this is something like the tale
the world might hear one day.
"One United Kingdom they fancied
wouldn't do.
To please some grumbling Irish
they split it into two.
Two little kingdoms, but then the
Scots, you see,
Claimed their ancient throne and
rights, and then there were three.
Three little Kingdoms, and after
that one more,
For Welshmen claimed a parliament,
and then there were four.
Four little Kingdoms wouldn't do
at all!
One of them was far too big; the
others far too small.
All throughout Great Britain ancient
hates revived.
Cornwall wants to rule herself, and
then there were five.
Five little Kingdoms, but London
in a fix,
Raised the 'Southern English' flag,
and then there were six.
Six little Kingdoms, alas! the 'Home
Rule' heaven,
Caused a rising in the West, and
then there were seven.
Seven little Kingdoms; Northmen
wouldn't wait,
But started the Northumbrian state,
and then there were eight.
And the towns that one may visit
by the Eastern Counties line,
Held their own East Anglian Parliament
and then there were nine.
Nine little Kingdoms; the Midlands
people then
Called a parliament themselves,
and then there were ten.
Ten little Kingdoms never could
How to work together, and so
they went free.
Ten little Kingdoms with constitutions
Ten little Kingdoms always in a
Ten little Kingdoms too weak to
stand alone,
A foreign nation conquered them,
and now there were none.

The 'Regional Policy' was again published as a method of breaking up Britain into 'squabbling' little Assembly Regions of insufficient stature, to ensure dependence on the centre.

Each little Region being in conflict and competition with its neighbour, ever seeking more pretend power whilst losing control in reality to the central authority - leading to a loss of National identity and a need for subsidy from the centre.

This was published in 1937 in the book 'The House That Hitler Built'.
'Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft' was published, as the blue print for 'The European Economic Community' in Nazi Berlin in 1942.

Heidrichts 1942 'Reichs Plan for the Domination of Europe' was published late in 1942 in Nazi Germany.

The conference called in Berlin in 1944 was titled 'How Will Germany Dominate The Peace When It Loses The War' and it was decided to move a massive block of capital out of Germany through Madrid to hold it in the American economy until needed after the war.

After the Neurenberg Trials this money started to come back into Europe to fund the plan.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a senior Nazi Party Official and Waffen SS Officer, was funded to hold a series of conferences in The Hague at The Bilderberg Hotel - the origin of 'The Bilderberg Group'.

Shortly after this Heidricht's 1942 'Reichs Plan for the Domination of
Europe' was reworked and re published, now called 'The Treaty of Rome'.

In return for a cash bribe, believed to have been £35,000 and thinly disguised as 'The Charlamaigne Prize', Edward Heath LIED to the peoples of Britain - both on the floor of the House of Commons and in the White Paper stating 'Signing The Treaty of Rome will lead to no essential loss of National Sovereignty'.

Edward Heath has subsequently confirmed both in the Palace of Westminster and on TV that he LIED and he did so intentionally as he did not believe that the electorate of Britain would vote for the signing of The Treaty of Rome if they knew the truth!

This he was forced to admit on a David Frost interview where he stated that he had lied as he knew if the British peoples knew the truth they would not have voted to ratify the Treatuy of Rome which he had already signed!

Having admitted his dishonesty (effective Treason) Edward Heath was subsequently forced to repeat his admission to Parliament.

By a very small margin the electorate had voted in favour of Ratifying The Treaty of Rome in The Referendum - thereby joining The European Economic Community, better known as The Common Market.

This act of Treason committed by Edward Heath renders Britain's signature of The Treaty of Rome by Britain as NULL AND VOID under English Law.

All agreements, contracts and treaties are bound by English Law as it pertained at the time of the inception. English Law states, unequivocally, that should one party to an agreement miss lead another party thereto, in order to obtain their participation therein, said agreement shall be NULL AND VOID.

Britain's signature on The Treaty of Rome is NOT valid as it was obtained by an act of Treason - and based upon lies, thus there is no need to even consider the silly concepts of subsequent Labour, Tory or Coallition Governments.

This reality is upheld by The Treaty of Vienna on International Treaties.

Blair's concept of 'In Europe at the centre and fighting our corner' is not only tortological rubbish but as sound bites go really silly. Even were our signature valid.

It is as stupid as the slogan from The Tories 'In EUrope but not ruled by EUrope' (sort of: 'In the gas chamber but not inhailling').

In Europe, as a result of his Government signing The Amsterdam Ammendment, Britain can not fight ANY corner as he has signed away Britain's right to a veto and accepted QMV [Qualified Majority Voting].

To return to Hague's concept of 'In Europe but not ruled by Europe' is totally dishonest. It has all the logic of joining a cricket club and then insisting on building bunkers on the pitch so that you can play golf. Renegotiation of the European Treaties is expressly forbidden as signed in the treaties.

The Lib. Dims. on the other hand since they will never hold real power in Britain have totally prostituted themselves to the European Union in the hope of gaining some power that way!

Business for Sterling is completely 'off its chump' - they have failed to understand the EU, they think you can be in the EU but not join the EUro farce. How do they get around QMV and the various articles that can be used to impose the EUuro whatever the people of Britain want?

BRITAIN IS NOT LEGALLY, AND NEVER HAS BEEN, A MEMBER OF THE EEC or the 'arbitrarily' created EUropean Union, which was undemocratically imposed on the peoples of Europe, without vote or consideration, in 1994, when the Commissioners [the corrupt, un elected, dictator committee] decided to scrap the EEC and impose the single Supra National Nation State of EUrope on the vassal regions and peoples so far duped.

They heuristically swept aside the rights and freedoms of the nation states and their peoples to fulfill the obscene dream of a European Empire. Granting themselves 'Potentate' Emperor status, immune from law un accountable and pampered in their dictatorial powers. Dispensing favour and reward through their salesmen who sit as MEPs in sybaritic luxury in their palace.

We now have the spectacle of Cameron promising that there will be a referendum before more power is handed over to The EU - he promised a referendum on The New Constitution, disingenuously renamed The Lisbon Treaty - He lied then and he is telling lies now.

The Lisbon Treaty was passed with barely a murmur from The Tories and an Evil complicity by UKIP, who raised not a finger in defence. The terms of The Lisbon Treaty as signed and sealed, invalid as it is, clearly show there are no powers that are not already in the hands of The EU.

The EU now costs Britain over £48 Million a day and do not be duped into believing that we get much of the money back as EU subsidies because we do NOT - for every £1 we receive from The EU we have paid them £2.60 - also be minded that we also have to comply with matched funding thus for every £1 we may get back for a project we have to cough up another £1 to match it thus £1 of EU cash back costs us £3.60 in most cases and all too often for lame brained 'degeneration scams' in town centers or road widening to be compliant with EU standardisation so that massive EU lorries can roll across Britain with enlarged fuel tanks so as not to contribute one cent to The British economy whilst stealing British jobs and supplying foreign goods!

It can only be hoped that a greater number of the British peoples WAKE UP and realise what their duplicitous politicians are doing to them for their own personal gain in their own personal pursuit of perceived power and reward.

Are YOU doing your bit to spread the truth?

"In politics, stupidity is not a handicap." Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

Greg L-W.

Aled Morris [Moderator] 2 weeks ago
True Wales miss a few basic points here (or actually, conveniently hush up any mention). The motto on their pig says "No to more taxes and politicians", however a yes vote will not bring these. Fact.

Also, they're peddling this referendum as a vote of confidence for WAG. It isn't, it's to speed up the law making process by bringing it in from Westminster to Cardiff. Fact. The vote of no confidence occurs in May, it's called an election. If anything, if people are fed up with the results produced thus far, stop voting for Labour just because your forefathers did. Vote them out and teach them a lesson.

It's probably worth noting as well that people are stating poor performance as a reason to dissolve the Assembly. Funny how it's only the Welsh Assembly that has this kind of suggestion, and not Westminster, Holyrood or Stormont when their governments fail.
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Greg_LW [Moderator] 2 weeks ago
More people voted AGAINST an Assembly for Wales than for it they just fixed the count!

It was unwanted, has proved useless and its time to close this costly layer of parasites who have done and achieved NOTHING.
they are just a cipher for The EU to help destroy Britain.
NAME TWO PEOPLE of stature, probity, gravitas and competence in the idiotic scam!

Woopy Doo Bribes For The Boys!


didimus [Moderator] 2 weeks ago in reply to Greg_LW
How do you know "they just fixed the count" ?
3 people liked this. Like

ericskelton [Moderator] 2 weeks ago in reply to didimus
It worked like this. You were supposed to put a cross by 'Yes' or 'No'. Simple. Anything else was a 'spoilt paper'. However this produced a victory for the 'No' campaign. So it was decided to count the 'spoilt' papers upon which some people had WRITTEN 'yes' or 'no' (cretins). THIS ALSO produced a victory for the 'No' campaign. So, finally, 'spoilt' YES votes WERE counted and 'spoilt' NO votes were not. The 'Yes' vote then (barely) won. Iran/Libya etc would have been ashamed. Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru weren't. Hardly an 'Easter Rising' was it?
Greg_LW and 1 more liked this Like

Greg_LW [Moderator] 2 weeks ago in reply to ericskelton

Ron Davis visited the official returning officer to organise EIGHT alterations of what should be counted to achieve the false yes result.

You will recal the Government AND the Welsh Office refused point blank to have a recount even though we offered to pay for it - They KNEW they couldn't fudge it a second time!

The Welsh EU Regional Assembly was founded on lies - the vote was a lie - the result was a lie and the liars now run the entire scam.

Yet based on Tony Blair & that same Cabinet's lies we now shoot and kill 100s of 1,000s of innocent men and women children and babies to force them democratically to adopt our chosen corrupt method of Democracy.

Gadaffi kills a few 1,000 and the world is in uproar - Blair & his cabinet of liars kill 100s of 1,000s and he just stuffs his pockets!

Beats celebrating by 'badger watching' in your wife's frock! Or taking the Tory option and interviewing young men in the office ON the desk!

Wales must be so proud. Did someone not realise National Ass was an abreviation when they voted for it!

1 person liked this. Like

ericskelton [Moderator] 1 week ago in reply to Greg_LW
Indeed! As I keep pointing out the protestors in Tunisia/Egypt/Jordan etc were not protesting against 'tyranny'. They were protesting against corrupt sham democracy.
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Greg_LW [Moderator] 2 weeks ago in reply to didimus

from working with Betty Bowen, Carys Pugh and others at the time - it was clear the entire concept was rigged and the people were not being told the truth or the facts - the huge amount of money that went into funding The Yes campaign from Labour, Government and others - not to mention unrecorded sums from derek Gregory of UNISON without any vote by members!

That the squalid Ron Davis coneived to alter the acceptable ballot papers several times in the count.

That in some areas (RCT) only YES campaigners were allowed to open and handle votes.

That the NO vote had won Blair had caught the train back to London having lost and then in the early hours of the morning a box of YES votes absolutely stuffed was mysteriously added to the Carmarthen count having been found in Pietre Hayne's constituency was more than strange and let us not forget this odious man was found guilty as a Minister of fiddling benefits and paying staff from Petty Cash so they could go on claiming whilst ignoring Minimum Wage Legislation HE had brought in!

I believe the National Ass Fror Wales is just an EU Rubber Stamping Farce designed to break up Britain and downgrading The Proud Principality of Wales to being nothing more than on a par with the other Mikey Mouse Regional scams.

Read The Legislation - They HAVE & will HAVE no authority.

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ericskelton [Moderator] 2 weeks ago
The real problem with referenda is that there is 'no going back'. Hence the same question (with a pre-decided answer) can be presented to us proles year after year until we 'see the light'. I recall voting in a referendum over 'Sunday Opening for pubs' in Cardiganshire in the 1980s. It was presented (and rejected) time and time again for decades until the required outcome was achieved. Since then I have seen no follow up referendum to assess whether the people of Cardiganshire wish to RETURN to 'dry Sundays'. If this new 'Yes' campaign fails then surely we must have a referendum to see if we wish to retain the Assembly at all? No? Thought not.
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whosaysso [Moderator] 2 weeks ago in reply to ericskelton
An interesting point about Cardiganshire there - and one that I too remember well. I voted for dry every time (just for a day off from the pubs). I remember the groups of students shouting 'sych, sych, sych!' (dry dry dry) outside the counting office, and a sense of resignation when we lost that bit of archaic difference. And you're right - it was the last time that the issue was raised.

Also when discussions about a devolved parliament first came to the vote in 1977 it was rejected because a load of has-been former Westminster MPs were just looking for a way back into politics...

Times change, though, and I voted for the devolved parliament when it came up the second time and haven't changed my views on that since. The Assembly seems more relevant in the areas where it can give us different laws from England. Differences tend to be minor but so far always for the better.
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ericskelton [Moderator] 2 weeks ago
Mochyn inflatio.
girlabouttown liked this Like

whosaysso [Moderator] 2 weeks ago
Wales is very different from England. People are more actively involved in local decision-making and less stifled by hierarchies which exclude influence. Local democracy works well and is generally accountable to the people. I say let the politicians get on with it now. We listen to them and consider that they listen to us, so let's remove that extra layer of permission-pleading from the system and get on with what needs doing.
7 people liked this. Like

Greg_LW [Moderator] 2 weeks ago in reply to whosaysso

lets remove the extra layer of utterly useless politicians - in fact two layers!

We can Leave-The-EU and save Britain £50 Million a day removing all those MEPs (Massively Expensive Parasites) and all The National Ass Members who are just a costly waste of time, space and money merely rubber stamping EU diktat with no more legal say than an East Anglian Assembly or West Midlands Assembly Member - DO READ THE TREATIES!

The Assembly is a con with smoke and mirrors just like the idiots in Scotland or The South East dancing to the EU tune to destroy Britain.

Of course the politicians haven't told you - since when do turkeys vote for Christmas?


girlabouttown [Moderator] 2 weeks ago in reply to Greg_LW
Wales would be seriously worse off without EU money. More EU funding is just about the only justification I can see for further devolution in Wales. We'd be struggling without it, and it will be vital to helping the people of Wales survive the UK Government cuts. Keep the system as it is for now. The political environment is shaky at the moment. It's not the time for individual changes for Wales.
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tonigog [Moderator] 2 weeks ago
i'm talking about the '97 referendum here.

deannorris [Moderator] 2 weeks ago
The pig sums it up nicely, most politicians are bloated pigs. This assembly is an expensive farce and merely a theatre for their egos.
Greg_LW and 5 more liked this Like

whosaysso [Moderator] 2 weeks ago
And just finally to clarify:

A referendum will be held on 3 March to ask whether the National Assembly should have increased law-making powers;

On 5 May, there will be the National Assembly election to decide who should represent us in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

On the same day as the Assembly elections, we’ll be asked whether we should elect our MPs at Westminster through a different system of voting.
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Greg L-W.
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British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit of their own agenda and greed, have done more damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain more than the armies of Hitler and the Franco - German - Italian axis of 1939 - 1945.

Make your vote count vote:
INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
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Friday, 11 March 2011

G0428* - Madeleine McCann 50 facts about the case Up-Date 10-Mar-2011

G0428* - Madeleine McCann 50 facts about the case Up-Date 10-Mar-2011

Updating earlier comments on this Blog:

28 Jul 2010
I make no claim as to who killed Madelaine McCann or that she was killed, as such, in fact I do not claim to know she is dead - but as many will remember, without sound provenance and with exactly the same claimed evidence Abdelbaset ...
22 Jul 2009
Report this commenteminently sensible in my opinion. now can the police turn their attention to the Dr's mccann and their negligent child rearing. Nothing would have happened to Madeleine if they had not left the children on their own ...
26 Sep 2010
26 Sep 2010
McCann FitzGerald Solicitors, Dublin Meadowhall Centre Limited, Sheffield Medway Ports, Sheerness Met Office, Exeter Middlesbrough Borough Council, Middlesbrough – Vancouver House Millennium Chemicals, Grimsby ...
27 Mar 2010
... girls and boys for the “pleasuring” of the European Union's elite commissioners in Brussels was the subject of intense speculation long before the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, I can now bring to a close all speculation as to ...


What happened to Madeleine McCann?

50 facts about the case that the British media are not telling you

Among other things you’ll find in this leaflet:
· The major contradictions in the statements of the McCanns and friends
· The highly trained British police dogs who detected the scent of a corpse
· Strange things the McCanns have said and done
· How the McCanns wasted public money on useless private detectives
Can we be sure that Madeleine McCann really was abducted by a stranger? Please take a careful look at these facts about the case, which you won’t find in any of our mainstream media. And if you are concerned about the contents of this leaflet, please copy and pass on to your friends and contacts.
SECTION A. What happened before and after Madeleine was reported missing?
1. The McCanns originally claimed they found the shutters and window of the children’s room open. They ’phoned relatives that night saying: ‘An abductor broke in and took Madeleine’. But when police and the managers of the complex declared there was no sign of forced entry, they changed their story, saying they must have left the patio doors open. The window had been cleaned the day before. Only Kate McCann’s fingerprints were found on the window.
2. The McCanns gave different accounts of whether they were both with Madeleine at tea-time on the day Madeleine was reported missing – and gave three different versions of who read the children bedtime stories the night Madeleine was reported missing: (a) Kate (b) Gerry or (c) they both did.
3. Kate McCann said that their friend Dr David Payne knocked on the front door of their apartment at about 6.30pm on 3 May, but was immediately sent away without ever entering. Dr Payne, however, said he came in, saw all three children dressed ready for bed, and stayed for at least several minutes.
4. The McCanns said the children were in their pyjamas by 6.30pm the night Madeleine disappeared, were bathed at 7.00pm and asleep by 7.30pm. But just a few weeks later, in his blog, Gerry McCann wrote: “The twins must like their new cots as they were asleep by 7.30pm which was most unusual”.
5. Dr Matthew Oldfield claimed he and his wife arrived at the Tapas bar at 8.55pm, but then went back to the Paynes’ apartment to chase them up as they were late. Dr Russell O’Brien confirmed that: “Matt, around 9pm, got up and said ‘I’ll go and drag them out’.” The Paynes flatly contradicted this.
6. Dr Matthew Oldfield changed his story several times. He said he did one ‘check’ on the children, then said he’d done two. He changed his story about the 2nd check, first saying that he walked by the McCanns’ apartment, later saying he’d entered it. Dr Kate McCann claimed Dr Oldfield said, at 9.30pm: “I’ll check on Maddie for you”. Why didn’t he say: “I’ll check on the children?”
 7. The McCanns’ friend Jane Tanner insisted she’d seen someone carrying a child close to the McCanns’ apartment at 9.15pm the evening she was reported missing. But she changed her description of this person several times. Later, one of the McCanns’ detectives said she might have seen a woman, not a man. She claimed that when she saw this man, she walked past Gerry McCann and a friend, Jez Wilkins. But neither of them could remember seeing her.

8. Instead of looking for Madeleine, two friends of the McCanns tore off the cover of Madeleine’s Activity Sticker Book, writing down what they claimed was a record of the night’s events. They then wrote out a second timeline of what they said happened. In both versions, they said Jane Tanner had seen an abductor around 9.15pm. But she did not tell the McCanns what she had seen for 24 hours.
9. The McCanns claimed they were dining yards from their children, said they could see their room, and said it was ‘just like being in your back garden’. In truth, the children’s room was 120 yards away and the children’s room was on the far side of the apartment block and they couldn’t see their room.
10. Gerry McCann on 4 May (the day after Madeleine went missing) said: “Yesterday, Madeleine and the twins were put to bed in their respective beds at 7.30pm”. Yet when the police arrived at about 11.00pm, they found a bed where Madeleine was supposed to have slept and two cots. Moreover, in a magazine interview in January 2008, Gerry McCann said: “On one bed the twins lay sleeping.
11. The McCanns said Madeleine and younger brother Sean were crying on their own the night before she was reported missing. Yet they left all three children on their own again the very next night.
12. Gerry McCann claimed that a senior Social Services official had told him: “Your child care was well within the bounds of responsible parenting”. He has never said who that was.
13. The McCanns, when asked a simple question as to whether they had given the children Calpol or other sedatives the night Madeleine was reported missing, denied on TV ever giving their children Calpol or other sedatives. But Kate McCann’s father confirmed that they did give the children Calpol.
14. The McCanns said: “Madeleine does not like to be called Maddie and does not answer to Maddie”. But Gerry McCann called her ‘Maddie’ on Friends Reunited, the twins called her ‘Maddie’, and their relatives and friends called her ‘Maddie’. A long list of examples is at www.mcannfiles.com
15. Kate McCann said that when she went to their apartment at 10.00pm on 3 May, she was 100% sure that Madeleine had been ‘taken’. But the McCanns allowed their 7 friends, several staff from the Ocean Club, and others, to traipse all round their apartment, thus contaminating a crime scene where vital forensic evidence could have been found. The police found no forensic trace of any abductor.
16. On the night Madeleine was reported missing, two sets of police arrived, the local GNR, and then the national force, the PJ. On the first occasion, Gerry McCann fell down on his knees, spreading out his arms on the ground, rather like a Muslim at prayer. On the second occasion, both Gerry and Kate McCann repeated that same strange gesture, on the double bed in their apartment, in front of the PJ.
17. On 4 May, the day after Madeleine went missing, the McCanns were returning to Praia da Luz. The police seized CCTV film at a petrol station, showing a girl similar to Madeleine with two adults. The police asked the McCanns to return to Portimão, but Kate McCann became irritated at being asked to visit the police station again. The police said she showed no hope Madeleine could be found.
18. In a BBC TV interview, Kate McCann admitted that she had never spent any time at all physically looking for Madeleine.
19. The Portuguese police were told by British police: “The McCanns have no credit or ATM cards”. But their flights to Portugal and hire of a Renault Scenic in Portugal were paid with credit cards. Then Gerry McCann admitted having credit cards, saying they went missing after his wallet was stolen. He gave two different places where his wallet was stolen: Waterloo Station – or ‘near Downing Street’.
20. After she was taken in for questioning on 7 September, Kate McCann was asked 48 questions by the Portuguese police. She refused to answer any of them. She was asked if she realised that she was hindering the investigation by refusing to answer questions. She said: “Yes, if that’s what the investigation thinks”. Their official spokesman, former head of Labour’s Media Unit, Clarence Mitchell, stated: “The McCanns were fully within their rights not to co-operate”.
21. Mitchell was appointed the McCanns’ spokesman by former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Mitchell once boasted that as the £75,000-a-year Head of Unit, his job was ‘to control what comes out in the media’. When Mitchell’s post with the McCanns became part-time, he immediately landed a job with Freud Communications, owned and managed by Rupert Murdoch’s son-in-law, Matthew Freud.
22. The McCanns said publicly in August 2007: “We will take a lie detector test at any time”. Then a newspaper offered to pay for one. They then changed their mind and said they wouldn’t.
23. Some months after they returned to England, the McCanns and their friends were asked by Portuguese police to take part in a reconstruction of the events of 3 May 2007. They all refused.
24. When asked by a Portuguese journalist from Sol to give some details about Madeleine’s abduction, the McCanns’ friend Dr David Payne said: “This is our matter only. We have a pact of silence. All comments must go through Gerry McCann”.
25. The McCanns’ friends gave three different versions of how often they were supposedly checking the children – hourly, half-hourly and ‘every 15 minutes’.
26. The Portuguese police did not believe that the McCanns’ friend Jane Tanner was telling the truth about the abductor she claimed to have seen. Following a series of mobile ’phone conversations between Gerry McCann and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Brown pressurised the Portuguese authorities to allow Gerry McCann himself to release a description based on Tanner’s dubious claims.
27. The Home Office refused the Portuguese police permission to examine the McCanns’ credit card and bank statements, mobile ’phone records and Madeleine’s medical records.
28. Gordon Brown was told that Portuguese detective Mr Amaral, who took the McCanns in for questioning, would be removed from his post before he himself was informed.
SECTION B. The evidence of the cadaver dogs
29. On British police advice, the Portuguese asked top dog handler Martin Grime to bring his springer spaniels, Eddie and Keela, to Praia da Luz. Eddie is trained to detect the scent of human corpses; Keela is a bloodhound. Eddie had never given a false alert in over 200 previous outings. He alerted to the odour of a human corpse in these locations: four different places in the McCanns’ apartment, two of Dr Kate McCann’s clothes, one of the children’s T-shirts, on the pink soft toy, ‘Cuddle Cat’, and in two places in the car the McCanns hired. Eddie did not alert to a corpse scent anywhere else in Praia da Luz. Keela detected blood, which may have been Madeleine’s blood, at some of these places.
30. When they heard about the dogs’ findings, the McCanns reacted strangely, claiming that…
· The ‘smell of death’ may have been found on Kate’s clothes because she was said to have been close to six corpses in her last two weeks at work, on the pink soft toy ‘Cuddle Cat’ because she ‘sometimes took Cuddle Cat to work’, or that the ‘smell of death’ could have come from rotting meat that Gerry McCann was taking to the local rubbish dump from time to time
· If Madeleine’s DNA, were to be found in the boot of their car, it may have come from the children’s dirty nappies they claimed they were carrying in the boot
· Any blood found in the flat might have come from Madeleine ‘grazing her leg’ or suffering a nosebleed. In fact, with the help of Martin Grime’s bloodhound, the police found blood underneath the tiles below a window in the living room of the McCanns’ apartment.
31. The McCanns also claimed that sniffer dogs were ‘notoriously unreliable’. They quoted a U.S. case where a cadaver dog’s alert was said to be wrong. Months later, the dog’s alert was proved right.
32. In 2008, a Portuguese TV interviewer asked: “How can you explain the scent of cadaver found by the British dogs?” Kate McCann replied: “Maybe you should ask the judiciary. They have examined all evidence”. When the interviewer pressed Kate McCann for an explanation, Gerry McCann intervened, smirking, and replied: “Ask the dogs, Sandra”.
33. When the McCanns moved from their apartment to a villa in Praia da Luz, a neighbour saw their car boot left open all night long. A relative of the McCanns, Michael Wright, admitted to police that this was because of a horrible smell in the car. This was the same car where Eddie, the cadaver dog, alerted to the smell of a corpse.
34. Kate McCann clutched ‘Cuddle Cat’ in front of TV cameras, claiming it reminded her of Madeleine, and was ‘comforting’. Yet shortly before the sniffer dogs arrived, she washed Cuddle Cat, claiming it ‘smelled of sun tan lotion’. This would make forensic analysis of it much harder.
SECTION C. Strange things the McCanns have said and done
35. The McCanns ignored police advice not to publicise Madeleine’s distinctive mark in her right eye, a ‘coloboma’. They said that if she was with an abductor, it could place her life in danger. On 15 July 2009, Gerry McCann said: “We thought it was possible that publicising her coloboma could harm Madeleine. Her abductor might do something to her eye. But in marketing terms it was a good ploy”.
36. Kate McCann, in 2007, said: “I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances”.
37. On 3 June 2007, Gerry McCann said: “We want a big event to raise awareness she is still missing…It won’t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that”. On 28 June, he said: “I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleine’s disappearance in the long-term”.
38. On 11 December 2009, Gerry McCann said: “There is no evidence that we were involved in Madeleine’s death”. The previous year, the McCanns’ spokesman said: “Can I suggest you actually quote me accurately. I said: ‘I believe Kate and Gerry are not responsible for Madeleine’s death’.”
39. On 24 August 2007, Gerry McCann, in a Scottish TV interview, said: “In fact, one of the slight positives in all of this is that there is so much rumour about what did and didn’t happen, it’s actually very difficult, if you’re reading the newspapers, watching TV, to know what is true and what’s not”.
40. Asked to comment on his reaction at learning that Madeleine had been abducted, Dr Gerald McCann said: ‘It was like being told you were overdrawn on your student loan”.
41. Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman, said in September 2007: “There is a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or may not have found”.
42. Unlike most couples who lose a dear child, they did not cling to their other two children. Others cared for them while they flew round the world to meet the Pope, visit the U.S. and do TV interviews.
43. As with all of us, the McCanns’ body language may yield valuable clues. During TV interviews, the following conduct has been observed: avoiding eye contact, nervous twitching, tense facial expressions, shaking their heads while making various assertions, and touching or scratching their faces at difficult moments. They were seen smiling and laughing on what would have been Madeleine’s 4th birthday, just 10 days after she went missing. Many people say they have not seen evidence of the grief that couples would normally express if they had lost a much-loved daughter.
SECTION D. The Fund and the McCanns’ private detectives
44. Only 13% of the McCanns’ Find Madeleine Fund has been spent on searching for Madeleine. The Fund is a private company, not a charity. Much of it has been used on the McCanns’ legal expenses.
45. The first detectives the McCanns employed were the highly controversial Spanish group Metodo 3. Just before Christmas 2007, their boss, Francisco Marco, boasted his men were ‘closing in on Madeleine’s kidnappers’, promising ‘Madeleine will be home by Christmas’. These were lies.
46. Next, the McCanns turned to a private investigator called Kevin Halligen, who has various aliases. He set up a one-man company called Oakley International, formed after Madeleine disappeared. Yet the McCanns’ spokesman claimed Oakley were ‘the big boys’ in international private detection. The McCanns are said to have paid Halligen £500,000, which he squandered on high living and hard drinking, achieving nothing. At present (January 2011), he has been in Belmarsh High Security Prison over a year, awaiting extradition to the U.S., where he is required to answer $2 million fraud charges.
47. All the main ‘private investigation’ agencies used by the McCanns had expertise in such areas as money-laundering, fraud, state security and intelligence – not in finding missing children.
48. The McCanns have produced 16 different artists’ impressions of suspects, ‘persons of interest’ and ‘persons we wish to eliminate from our enquiries’. Yet despite their spending millions of pounds, we, the public, know nothing whatsoever about who is supposed to have abducted Madeleine.
49. The McCanns took legal action to ban Mr Amaral’s book on the case: ‘The Truth About A Lie’. They succeeded in September 2009. But in October 2010 the Portuguese Appeal Court lifted that ban. The McCanns are carrying on with their libel action against Mr Amaral, using their Fund to do so.
50. The McCanns said late last year that their Fund was running low and that the Fund ‘might run out of money soon’. Yet at the very same time, they were negotiating a multi-million pound book deal.
Published by ‘The Madeleine McCann Research Group’
22nd December 2010
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