The EU Rules EVERY Aspect With Absolute Incompetence & Total Authority!


just to let you know the detail to which your masters in The EU control YOU without a shred of democratic validity - here is an extract from The EU regulation on banana curvature and size that it impressive in its detail to protect us from the dangers of bananas too curved to be acceptable!

There are some 186,000 pages of this drivel in the English language alone!

Sizing is determined by:
- the length of the edible pulp of the fruit, expressed in centimetres and
measured along the convex face from the blossom end to the base of the
- the grade, i.e. the measurement, in millimetres, of the thickness of a
transverse section of the fruit between the lateral faces and the middle,
perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis.
The reference fruit for measurement of the length and grade is:
- the median finger on the outer row of the hand,
- the finger next to the cut sectioning the hand, on the outer row of the
The minimum length permitted is 14 cm and the minimum grade permitted is
27 mm.
As an exception to the last paragraph, bananas produced in Madeira, the
Azores, the Algarve, Crete and Lakonia which are less than 14 cm in length
may be marketed in the Community but must be classified in Class II.
Tolerances in respect of quality and size shall be allowed within each
package in respect of produce not satisfying the requirements of the class

Even more concerning is the fact that for many years this law has pertained and as it was illegal The EU has just incurred a £200,000,000 fine from the WTO - THAT is a lot of bananas!

You may be a sad git like me and be fascinated by learning about our Country's greatest enemy in history - The EU, which is steadily destroying our culture, our values and our way of life - they are in fact destroying any concept of liberty, self determination or democracy as increasingly they turn The EU into a secure prison with CCTVs, massive over regulation, removal of variety, ever greater taxation to fund ever more self serving idiocy and utterly failing to protect our future ability to feed ourselves.

Know thine enemy!

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