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Thursday, 4 June 2009

#G111* - Ministry Of DEFEAT

#G111* - Ministry Of DEFEAT

There is an election today, but that is a minor event. This is the day my book, Ministry of Defeat is officially published, something of a personal landmark, as it is my first "solo" hardback.

Available from Amazon and all good bookshops, the launch press release is over on Defence of the Realm. Already, the BBC has refused to cover it, as have most (but not all) major newspapers. They, having failed effectively to cover the occupation, are now complicit in pretending the defeat never happened.

We expect, therefore – as Booker and I did with The Great Deception to have to rely on word of mouth and the internet, proving once again that, if you divert from the path which the media dictates, you are largely on your own. Nevertheless, I am confident that the truth will out.

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